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     Baby-Nova is a trademark of Novatex GmbH (, that offers consumers products for the care of babies and sells it in more than 70 countries around the world. Novatex GmbH company manufactures most of its range in Germany, including the Baby-Nova, which performs the following actions:
• carries out strict quality control at all stages of production
• ensure the safety of its consumers according to European standards
     All products Baby-Nova are made of alternative materials that do not contain bisphenol A (a chemical used in the manufacture of plastic bottles, reusable internal coating of cans for food products, etc.). In addition, before you hit the market, new products are tested and certified by an independent institute SGS Institut Fresenius Gmbh, which is already more than 150 years, it is one of the leading experts in laboratory tests in Europe. Novatex GmbH offered customers the world's first medical pacifier conducive to the formation of a correct bite the child from the first days of life, - Dentistar (Dentistar).
     Novatex GmbH works on improving their products continuously to ensure parents do not doubt about the safety of products Baby-Nova and be convinced to buy it for their children.